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Race rescheduled!


2019 Gravity Racing National Championships at Port Kembla


Gravity Racing Association of Australia (GRAA) would like to thank the gravity racing community and schools for their recent enquiries regarding the 2019 Gravity Racing National Championships.


Since the launch of the 2019 Gravity Racing National Championships (GRNC) in April 2019. GRAA has been working extremely hard to try and secure sponsorship and donations from businesses in order to support the community and the race. It has been evident that the current economic conditions have had an impact on our ability to secure funding. Only two companies have enquired about sponsorship/donations and we thank them greatly for their support.


At this current time, GRAA has a verbal commitment to provide sufficient sponsorship for the longevity of the race which is looking very positive. The challenge is the actual date when these funds will be received.  Due to these challenges, we need to shift the original date from October 19, 2019 to a date in November/December 2019.


The exact date will be communicated through our social media channels and emails to race entrants and volunteers in the next two weeks.


Please note the date now will only be confirmed once the donated funds are received.  GRAA sends their sincere apologies for any inconvenience this process has caused to the gravity racing community and schools. Yet feels, it is important now to focus on securing the donated funds, so a date can be confirmed as soon as possible.


Any further questions please contact us.

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Contact Us

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