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The Gravity Racing Association of Australia came to life from the passion of the gravity racing community. Nothing was going to hold them back after the previous organisers of the Port Kembla Billy Cart Derby canceled the event after a motion was moved on the 9th May 2017 at their Chamber meeting. In fact, the front page of the Illawarra Mercury, on the 7th June 2017, echoed the sentiments of many people.

Here we are today, a strong Gravity Racing Association with a foundation built on the pillars of what the gravity racing community feels and believes will sustain the longevity of gravity racing over the next three decades: Vision, Integrity, Collaboration, Accountability, Community-focused, Ethical standing, and Empathy.

This year, on Saturday, June 6, 2020, history will be made within gravity racing in Australia. The 2020 Gravity Racing National Championships will hold 3 Divisions under the banner of the ‘Australian Soap Box Gravity Racing National Championships’ where 3 young racers will qualify to represent Australia in the All-American Soap Box Gravity Racing World Championships in Akron, Ohio (USA) in 2020.

Port Kembla, New South Wales, is now officially on the international stage for the All-American Soap Box Gravity Racing

Ms Jessica Gnata, President

Dr Steven Reissig, Secretary

Ms Emilia De Sousa, Treasurer

Mrs Mercedes Wong, Executive Member

Mr Carlo Santos, Executive Member


The first billycart derby held in Port Kembla. Called “The Spitfire Run”


Final year of The Spitfire Run


Billycart races return. The “Port Kembla Billycart Derby”


Final run of the Port Kembla Billycart Derby


Start of Gravity Racing National Championship

Contact Us

Contact Us

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